Several Research Studies Find That Skeptics Are Brighter Than Religious Believers

by James A. Haught Several research studies find that skeptics are brighter than religious believers. More than 60 scientific reports were analyzed in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review, which said the results “showed a significant negative association between intelligence and religiosity.” Newsweek (May 18, 2017) summed up the article: “Atheists tend to be more intelligent […]

Now’s the Time to Convert Our Secular Values into Effective Action

by Gary M. Linscott I doubt you need to be reminded: We are living through extremely troubling times. Threats to the very survival of humankind abound. Unless quarreling nations can work in harmony to rapidly bring global warming under control, it seems inevitable that catastrophic climate change will occur in our lifetimes. Now a pandemic […]

Problems with Bible classes

by James A. Haught Here in Appalachia’s Bible Belt, conservatives in the Legislature want to force all West Virginia public high schools to teach Bible classes, as occurs in several other Republican-controlled states. I wonder how such classes handle Bible topics like these: First, the Bible decrees that gay males must be killed. Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a […]

Trump Represents A Major Threat to Humanity

On June 30th, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres told a meeting on climate change in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that “the world is facing a grave emergency” from climate change, that “climate disruption is happening now and it is happening to all of us.”  He added that climate change is “outpacing our […]

Understanding Systemic Sexism

By Teresa Roberts There’s something about the concept of systemic sexism that causes confusion. Just the mention of it can trigger anger. Even those with whom developing self-awareness has been a goal are not immune. Individuals become defensive, because they don’t understand that systemic sexism isn’t about them. It’s about the culture they inherited. This […]