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For those whose personal beliefs have no religious basis, believing instead in science and reason and a moral code based on progressive values.

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Nigeria Chapter

Welcome to the site for the Nigeria chapter of The Secular Community. For information on our basic set of beliefs, please refer to The Secular Community's home page. Our organization is secular in regard to religious belief but we are heavily focused on a series of progressive issues that are representative of major problems facing Nigerians today. (Click here for more clarity on the definition of secular and progressive)

The significant issues that Nigerians are most concerned with include but are not limited to:

The Secular Community has selected three prominent global indexes by which to measure the quality of life in member countries. Click here to find out more about these indexes.

Quality of Life Index Nigeria Ranking Top Ranked Country
Human Development Index 161 Norway
The World Happiness Report 115 Finland
Global Peace Index 147 Iceland

Converting Our Secular Values Into Effective Action

As secular progressives, we need to do three things to live up to our values and put them into practice:

By "wake up" we mean that we need to realize that we can change the course of human history for the better. We must overcome what often tends to be our complacency and our sometimes fatalistic conviction that there is nothing we can do that will really matter. People - especially in democracies - do matter.

"Read up" refers to the need to properly study and understand the issues at hand. Too many of us believe we have all of the answers we need, even when we have not expended the proper effort to study the details of the issues we care about.

"Stand up" means becoming an active political participant. For some, that may mean writing to elected representatives, government officials and/or local newspapers. For others, it may mean marching or demonstrating in public. For all, it means making sure to vote and encouraging others to vote for candidates that support solutions to the problems at hand.

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